For centuries man battled with the concept of whether the world was flat or was round. Brave explorers took to the seas to prove once and for all that the world was indeed round and if you sailed far enough instead of falling helplessly off the edge you would in fact discover a brand new world.

After years of living under the premise that the world was indeed round I come here to tell you that the world is now in fact flat!

Before you panic and start heading to the highest point for safety, there is no need to panic, no devastating disaster is about to happen, the flatness of the world is simply because as globalization guru Thomas Friedman put it: ‘The playing field is being leveled – from Shanghai to Silicon Valley, from al Qaeda to Wal-Mart.”

The truth is technology has changed the shape of the world, we are now all connected all of the time. The way we communicate and do business as well as increased access to global knowledge and opinion at the touch of a button has created a “flat” global political, economic, and cultural playing field.

The growth of communication by e-mail, the dominance of search engines like Google and accessible software that can enable people to work together even if they are as far away as Birmingham and Beijing.

Together these things have brought a whole new level of freedom and way of doing ‘life’ which according to Tom Friedman is as revolutionary as Gutenberg and the printing press in the 15th century, and how it plays out will be the central global drama of the early 21st century.

The future will definitely not resemble the past. We are global and in order to succeed in the future individuals and companies will be required to develop strategies and tactics that fit a global perspective. exists to harness the power of the global perspective. It provides a new opportunity to open up borders and connect the many voices of Africa and the African Diaspora in one place. For the first time you are able to connect to stories as they happen locally without the interference of the familiar filtered voices. It is also a powerful platform to build relationships and connections all at the touch of a button; Nigeria to New Guinea, Burundi to Brazil and Ghana to Guyana is here to facilitate the flow of information not just pan-Africa but pan-diaspora.

One of the core services is to deliver global news as it breaks, twice daily via the site itself or direct to an email address once subscribed. Alongside this you will find blogs, original content, a diaspora recruitment section, a film & entertainment section including both documentaries of the diaspora and web series filmed exclusively for

It’s a new game out there and is here to help you connect to it. Change is challenging but inevitable. Don’t complain about it – join in and enjoy the journey. will help you to play in this different kind of game.