The celebration of a New Year is a special occasion in all countries and cultures. It fills people with joy and excitement. It generates new hopes and aspirations. It creates a sense of vitality and elation.

Such feelings recur in Ethiopia every year on the first day of Meskerem, which falls on 11th September on the Gregorian calendar. This year, according to the Ethiopian calendar, we bid farewell to 2006 and usher in The year 2007.

Ethiopians have every reason to greet the New Year with optimism Because the country has been going through a remarkable trajectory of socio-economic development unparalleled in its history. For over ten years Now, Ethiopia has been consistently referred to as an African success Story. We should all be proud of our country’s achievement and rededicate
ourselves to tackle the daunting task that lies ahead of us in the fight against poverty.

We at the Ethiopian Embassy in London will receive the New Year with a Renewed sense of vigor and determination to make our humble contribution To the continuation of our country’s successful march on the road towards peace, prosperity and development.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Ethiopians, members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, our partners, and those whose support we have enjoyed all year round, a Happy New Year.

H.E. Mr. Berhanu Kebede Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Kingdom