About Osargenews

osargenews.com has been set up in response to the contemporary requirements of the African Diaspora – to both unite our fragmented and disparate community and to enable our members to communicate with each other at the touch of a button; Nigeria to New Guinea, Burundi to Brazil and Ghana to Guyana. We are here to facilitate the flow of information not just pan-Africa but pan-diaspora.

About isargenews.comOur core service is to deliver global news as it breaks, twice daily via the site itself or direct to your email once you subscribe for free. We have also collaborated with KPMG on an African Business Guide App, providing the daily news across Africa alongside other key information on working in and trading with Africa.

From the outset it has been very important to us that communication is not just one way and we are pleased to say that since the site launched we have had a lot of active feedback, people embracing our vision, proposing partnerships, suggesting new avenues to explore. We have been given so much to think about and so many ideas to consider, some of which are already being worked on.

We couldn’t be more delighted.