Driven. Here is a word that defines our founder Morell Maison.

Since the launch of, he has worked tirelessly to develop projects and products that allow the members of the African continent and Diaspora to connect on any device.

Eighteen months ago, he also struck a partnership with professional services company KPMG. The result is the KMPG Africa Business Guide app which launched in February.

This app has two goals:

  1. Deliver the latest news and information on any African country; and
  2. Facilitate business decisions for KPMG’s staff and potential / current clients — Africans and members of the African Diaspora, people involved in the financial services industry and African capital market, and young people interested in African educational programmes.

The app contains several dedicated sections, including a blog; a hub allowing users, to connect with KPMG Africa leaders; a comprehensive guide to the company’s contacts; and the latest events in African business. The content is updated regularly.

KPMG ScreenShot

The app is also powered by’s 109 papers, each of which is fine-tuned to deliver the latest country-specific news twice daily.

KPMG app

How did we manage to make it happen? We took advantage the RSS feed, one of’s Pro features. In the process, this pioneering approach has given aggregation a new lease on life.

“The app as a carrier for news products I believe will create products, programmes and vehicles to carry aggregated news,” Morell says. “ have done the tough job in developing and bringing to market a sensational product, a way to carry updated news fast.”

“The quality of the app and its ease of use make it a must for anybody looking to do business in, living in, or visiting Africa. Getting up-to-date information and news on your phone when in South Africa from Kenya is fast and easily available. No need to worry about the Internet, facilities, or power. It’s all there, it’s free to download, and you will love it.”

Now, what’s next for Several projects, including Ladies Talk International. Our commissioned web series will soon be available to a global audience.

“The Where Do You Think You Are from DNA location project is well under way and selling really well with three ground-breaking products available.”