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510, 2014

Forget Designer Brands, the New Middle Class Are Gifting DNA Tests

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Do you know who you really are and where you came from? No. Really.
Every time I would ask my African Americans friends where they were originally from, they’d always insist ‘America’. Even though I’d question that they most likely had a journey across from the Caribbean or Africa at some stage in their lineage, they’d […]

1109, 2014

New Year Message from the Ethiopian Ambassador UK

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The celebration of a New Year is a special occasion in all countries and
cultures. It fills people with joy and excitement. It generates new hopes
and aspirations. It creates a sense of vitality and elation.

Such feelings recur in Ethiopia every year on the first day of Meskerem,
which falls on 11th September on the Gregorian calendar. This […]

409, 2014

The World is flat!

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For centuries man battled with the concept of whether the world was flat or was round. Brave explorers took to the seas to prove once and for all that the world was indeed round and if you sailed far enough instead of falling helplessly off the edge you would in fact discover a brand new […]

409, 2014

Morell Maison breaking new ground curating news from Africa and beyond

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This post was originally published on the Paper.li blog, by Cendrine Marrouat.

Osargenews.com founder Morell Maison caught the attention of Paper.li the platform on which the osargenews.com is built when he asked them how he could use the platform in a way that they had not been asked about before. Paper.li says
“Morell and the osargenews.com team caught our […]